Artificial Intelligence

Software “bots”, autonomous “drones”, cognitive systems, and “virtual employees” now have the potential to “see”, “hear”, “talk”, “compose”, “analyze”, and otherwise appear “human” in myriad ways.

Most tech and industry experts agree the increase of AI-driven automated systems in the workplace, as well as greater interaction between workers and machines, will ultimately spawn new job categories, elevate employee productivity, and enable safer and more compliant work environments.

A great deal has been written about Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives within Enterprise environments. As AI has become increasingly popular and its potential value discussed ad infinitum at the highest levels of global corporations, data analysts, solution managers, and IT leaders seek to propel delivery while minimizing the inherent risk.

Astonishingly, the preponderance of Artificial Intelligence implementation project lifecycles remain fixed and successive; akin to archaic “Waterfall” ancestors of yesteryear. Unnecessarily austere and uncompromising, this approach is precisely what AI doesn’t need. Ironically, it welcomes unnecessary, additional risk, and obliterates the ability to gradually discover concerns, issues, and defects; disallowing real-time course-correction, re-examination, and reiteration.

Benefits to your business of an AI Solution implementation can include:
  • Reduced costs
  • Cross-organizational automation expansion
  • Reduced cycle times and improved throughput
  • Elimination of human error
  • Greater productivity
  • Improved job safety and industry compliance
  • Improved flexibility and scalability
  • Improved data analysis and mining

Your Challenge:

“We lack basic knowledge of the solutions that are available, and feel directionless in implementing Artificial Intelligence across our enterprise.”

The CyberVersa Solution:

We will deploy a dedicated team of AI consultants providing you a solid understanding of solutions available and a strategy for holistic AI implementation. Merging Agile Project Management with the latest AI technologies, we will help you identify your initial AI Value proposition, and shepherd each Agile phase through delivery, retrospectives, and beyond; train your teams, and coach your C-Level leaders to ensure the sustainability of every success.

Remember, Agile delivers:
  • A common understanding of scope and requirements
  • Planning of Sprints (iterations) aligned with requirements and desired accomplishments
  • Daily Scrum meetings for real-time progress
  • Retrospectives after each Sprint

Embracing an Agile approach is essential to any successful AI implementation. Always a formidable results facilitator, it also provides:
  • Continuous illustration of project milestones throughout the AI lifecycle
  • Majority of the risk managed-out in early phases (versus Waterfall; the precise opposite)
  • Flexibility to implement AI process changes mid-stream
  • Delivery of faster value while garnering feedback
  • Utilization of quicker dev cycles for workable iterations

Your initial AI Value Proposition and solution implementation will become seamless elements of your organization’s Center of Excellence (CoE).

We at CyberVersa will provide a holistic picture of the interdependencies and cross-organizational impact of AI. For example, AI applications parse huge amounts of data and thus require powerful processing capacities (often beyond the reach of customary CPUs). Your CyberVersa Agile AI Management Consultant will discuss strategies for powering-up to acquire maximum per-node performance.

CyberVersa is able to offer more versatile consultant services than many Agile Project Management consulting firms. Headquartered in Miami, USA, we regularly offer Agile AI consulting services (and deploy consultants) to New York City. Along with our consulting partners, we bring more than 100 years of combined Agile Digital Transformation consulting experience, and the bandwidth to service the entire country.