24 March, 2020
AR AND VR Consultant

Project Management with the latest AR and VR solutions

Planning and initiation To build a project plan, I decide what the project will require, schedule development events and due dates, know the team members required, […]
19 March, 2020

Benefits of the Internet of Things in Project Management

How will the IoT impact project management? The opportunities that the IoT offers are large – not just for the Information Technology (IT) industry. Google search […]
11 March, 2020
Artificial intelligence

Implement Agile Artificial Intelligence into your business

In short, AI increases consumer experience, increases action, and builds strong targeted communication. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the huge volume, quality, and speed of data, […]
5 March, 2020

Agile Digital Transformation Coaching and Training to embrace Digital Economy

In the era, digital transformation is the great, wide and stimulating transformation of corporations, their business principles, and their rules. Because of these fundamental changes, companies […]
29 February, 2020
Agile-cyber security -training

Agile Cyber Security: Student Awareness Training Program Miami

We all utilize a type of computing-related devices to be more productive and to improve our daily experiences. This includes tablets, notebook, laptop & desktop; smartphones; […]
26 February, 2020
RPA project management

Agile Project Management with the Latest RPA Technologies

Managing a project can require many moving parts – resources, timelines, targets, and devices are all like spinning plates, regularly requiring time and knowledge. 1. Start […]