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9 April, 2020

How to Protect Data from Cyber Attacks when Working from Home During COVID-19

People and businesses across the world are trying to adjust to the new way of life that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. One of the major […]
4 April, 2020
Cyber Security

How to Safeguard your Data from Hackers in COVID-19 Crisis

During the on-going pandemic COVID-19, almost everyone has to work from home to help curb the spread and to keep the work-life going. However, hackers have […]
29 February, 2020
Agile-cyber security -training

Agile Cyber Security: Student Awareness Training Program Miami

We all utilize a type of computing-related devices to be more productive and to improve our daily experiences. This includes tablets, notebook, laptop & desktop; smartphones; […]
24 January, 2020
cyber security

Tremendous Skills that you require to pursue a career in cybersecurity

Here are eight experiences that cybersecurity authorities require for careers. 1. Intrusion detection Training in these courses & get certified. These certifications can improve security for […]
3 January, 2020
Cyber security training Miami

Agile Training and Coaching for Cyber Security in Miami

Cyber Versa delivers in-depth cyber security training. Students having Cyber Security certification can secure a quick job in an MNC. Members need to join in the […]
23 December, 2019
Cyber security training Miami

Cyber Security Training: Start A Career in Cybersecurity Industry

There has never been a far better time to move into cyber security, with the increasing demand for experts ensuring boosted salaries and job opportunities in […]