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We all utilize a type of computing-related devices to be more productive and to improve our daily experiences. This includes tablets, notebook, laptop & desktop; smartphones; gaming systems; and ‘Internet of things’ devices such as fitness wristbands, smartwatches, home monitoring machines, and home smart speakers.

  • Criminals are continually seeking ways to steal our devices and gain illegal access to sensitive work and private information.
  • Simple steps to defend your devices and data:
  • Always use secure passwords and PINs and change the weak default passwords on user devices to strong ones.
  • Specify your device with your name and contact information and enter its serial number in case it is lost or stolen.
  • Keep your device’s using software and applications current – update them periodically.

Defending Your Personal Information Online

If you are not careful, your online activities and posted public information can share a lot of sensitive and important information about your professional, individual and family life. This involves email addresses, likes and dislikes, family and pet names, birth dates and ages, hidden geographic information stored in digital pictures, and times when you are away from your home. Cyber-criminals can use this data to crack your passwords and create highly credible phishing emails, to steal additional information and put your devices at risk with malicious software.

You can take some simple steps to secure your online presence such as:
  • Being vigilant and thinking before you click;
  • Keeping your computer operating system software patched;
    Using computer firewalls;
  • Using current, anti-malware software that has web surfing security;
  • Browsing securely using the current browser versions and an “incognito” surfing mode;
  • Carefully review all the websites that you attend and the applications that you download.

PINs and Passwords are still important!

We all use numerous PINs and passwords daily to carry out our daily actions – to access our many devices, accounts, and information.

Passwords can be a dangerous liability. If someone gets access to your password, they can obtain your records, steal information and even steal your identification to cause further injury. Therefore, passwords are highly investigated after cyber-criminals.

Awareness is in the heart of what we do here at Cybersecurity training in Miami. Cyber versa presents learning by writing about matters relevant to cybersecurity, which cover news, opinion pieces, thought leadership, malware reports, business, and consumer leaders, and regularly threat reports. But for companies trying to set specific security skills that employees need to function, awareness might not be enough.

Cyber versa security awareness strives to make employees achieve that actions or responses toward, say, an email of the dubious source could be dangerous. Cyber versa security services New York city defines awareness, training, and education as follows:

  • Awareness is not training.
  • The purpose of awareness is simply to focus attention on security.
  • Training strives to produce relevant and needed security skills and competencies.