Cyber Security

Your Challenge:

“It’s hard to know how we’re actually doing with our information security. We know we can probably improve, and we want to mitigate risk factors, but we’re daunted by the sheer number of touchpoints.”

The CyberVersa Solution:

CyberVersa’s Security Assessment Program addresses your digital security effectiveness holistically; across 10 distinct domains and six key areas of your program to ensure Best Practices, incident mitigation, and response readiness, providing short, medium, and long-term directives in an agile environment.

We deliver:
  • Agile cyber security framework at scale
  • Best Practices for an agile Security Center of Excellence (SCE)
  • Network Health Check, including Executive-level briefings
  • Security-prioritized risk management with an actionable improvement plan
  • Agile feedback and delivery cycles
  • Continuous improvement of your threat/risk models
  • Rapid reassessment of your organization’s cyber security infrastructure for effectiveness and ability to adapt
  • Reduction of obstacles impeding security and software development
  • Ongoing security threat assessment through cyber policy changes and upgrades across strategies, staff, processes and technology via risk-based security models and Agile framework

We are able to offer more versatile services than many Cybersecurity consulting firms. Headquartered in Miami, USA, we regularly offer cybersecurity consulting services (and deploy consultants) to New York City, and along with our consulting partners, have the bandwidth to service the entire country.