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29 February, 2020
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In the era, digital transformation is the great, wide and stimulating transformation of corporations, their business principles, and their rules. Because of these fundamental changes, companies are continually forced to separate themselves from their competitors and to build new inward-looking consumer experiences and worlds of experience for their workers. Digital transformation’s purpose is to take full benefit of the possibilities that digital technologies and devices offer businesses. It is also necessary to consider the digital opportunities to what size they provide the adaptation of business rules and networks among benefit chains.

Digitization allows a new style of work. Conversely, these new forms of work support and expedite digital transformation. Managers and employees must get to handle these digital possibilities productively and correctly. Managers are being challenged, as the traditional aspects such as attendance and regular working hours, etc. no longer work.

Aims and target audience

Agile digital transformation services Miami is focused on the control of the transformation process. Here we will work on the transformation processes and psychological and cultural dimensions. Members learn and develop the basic and essential tools for the success of the digital transformation process. Students gain a summary of leadership and transformation tools and get the most important essences from the field, from analysis & development, and management. Structured ideas and practical steps are shown and developed. Participants bring in possible own practice questions and crises on request and go out with the group transformation and optimization methods in a small group.

Participants get exclusive practical insight and together develop a transformation model based on best method approaches.

Digital transformation consulting firm the USA is aimed at professionals and executives, team functions and consultants and trainers who are included in digital transformation processes or who were also able to gain fundamental knowledge. At the same time, the training is pointed at people who want to increase their knowledge of digitization and digital transformation processes.

Owners, shareholders, board members & Directors
Executives and project managers from business and public management
HR, engineers, product managers
Internal and external consultants

Learning methods

  • Cyber Versa will apply the following academic methods in the modules:
  • Guest lecturers, complete work and keynote speeches
  • Ideas & plans
  • Case study
  • Interactive learning
  • Discussion of achieved results
  • Research results, studies
  • Methods, Instruments, and Tools
  • Best training and negative approaches and analyzing
  • Checklists
  • Use of creative methods for analysis and digital transformation
  • Doctrinal talks, reflection in the team and direct exchange

Cyber Versa courses are developed to help business leaders achieve effective action quickly and surely. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements for agile digital transformation services.