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19 March, 2020
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Planning and initiation

To build a project plan, I decide what the project will require, schedule development events and due dates, know the team members required, and describe the scope of the project. Planning for AR and VR consultant projects can be exciting at times.

As an Augmented reality consultant USA, I also must wait on top of the latest Virtual Reality aims as well as growing informed about clients’ products. Project managers are certainly responsible for the production and execution of the project.

This stage involves:

• Investigation
• Scheduling
• Budget allocation
• Resource planning
• Identifying risks
• Creating a team

Defining requirements

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are transforming activities ranging from designing your kitchen remodel to visual product display in retail. Many people associate VR with gaming, but Virtual Reality headsets can be useful in almost any industry and business today. Whatever the industry, it’s important to make sure that project objectives are established, the correct teams are assembled, and major tasks and responsibilities are assigned. Cyber Versa team uses agile development, which involves iterative stages as we move through requirements, development, and launch.
This stage includes:

• Defining goals
• Matching on specifications
• Listing tasks
• Assigning accountabilities

Project performance

Virtual Reality combines a layer of complexity to the overall performance of a project because it is so new, with lots of unknown areas. This means you want a mixture of detailed planning and a quick, fearless team.

This stage involves:

• User experience plan and user interface design
• 3D design and development
• Virtual Reality development & mobile development
• Weekly project status updates
• Quality assurance
• User acceptance examination

Launch and repetition

Project planning, performance, and testing all complete with a successful launch, but this is just the start. Once the first experience is driven and analyzed with the client, the user data recovery and ongoing iteration start. With any software project, you should get time during the first stages to plan for the user data you’ll get to measure the success of your VR adventure. This essential report gives you the tools you want to be able to change that project over time based on the way’s users are navigating through the experience.

This stage involves:

• Plan deployment
• Client education
• Post-project analysis and feedback
• Analysis and reporting
• Iteration

Creating mind blowing experiences

It started as a research project to make better flight simulators, however, since it’s rebirth VR has been used in various areas across a variety of industries. Here are some of the more well-known examples:

• Real estate
• Architecture
• Healthcare
• Space
• Museums
• Social networking
• Education
• Sports
• Automotive
• Military

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