Robotic Process Automation

…Imagine being able to automate structured, rules-based processes, interact across multiple applications at the same time, and integrate seamlessly without the need for coding or programming resources… Additional benefits to your business of an RPA Solution implementation can include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced cycle times and improved throughput
  • Elimination of human error
  • Reduced employee churn
  • Integration with existing applications
  • Improved flexibility and scalability
  • Improved data capture

Industry experts predict RPA will impact global businesses as dramatically as the machines of the industrial revolution influenced the advent of the modern day factory and assembly line. This is probably why HFS and KPMG recently ranked RPA as the “#1 Investment Priority by Enterprise Buyers”.

Your Challenge:

“We lack basic knowledge of the solutions that are available, and feel directionless in implementing robotic process automation across our enterprise.”

The CyberVersa Solution:

We will deploy experienced RPA consultant teams providing you a solid understanding of the tools available and a strategy for holistic automation. Merging Agile Project Management with the latest RPA technologies, we will help you identify your initial RPA Value proposition, and shepherd each Agile phase through delivery, retrospectives, and beyond; train your teams, and coach your C-Level leaders to ensure the sustainability of every success.

Remember, Agile delivers:
  • A common understanding of scope and requirements
  • Planning of Sprints (iterations) aligned with requirements and desired accomplishments
  • Daily Scrum meetings for real-time progress
  • Retrospectives after each Sprint
Embracing an Agile approach is essential to any successful RPA implementation. Always a formidable results facilitator, it provides:
  • Continuous illustration of project milestones throughout the RPA lifecycle
  • Majority of the risk managed-out in early phases (versus Waterfall; the precise opposite)
  • Flexibility to implement RPA process changes mid-stream
  • Delivery of faster value while garnering feedback
  • Utilization of quicker dev cycles for workable iterations

Your initial RPA Value Proposition and solution implementation will become seamless elements of your organization’s Center of Excellence (CoE). This will require orchestration of many moving parts (often across multiple touchpoints and platforms). Agile will ensure all of your organization’s long term technical, operational, and business goals are addressed and met, a single iteration at a time.

CyberVersa is able to offer more versatile consultant services than many Agile Project Management consulting firms. Headquartered in Miami, USA, we regularly offer Agile RPA consulting services (and deploy consultants) to New York City. Along with our partners, we bring more than 100 combined years of Agile Digital Transformation consulting experience, and the bandwidth to service the entire country.